Keeping up with the Kaimanawas

Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, the Wilson sisters' reality TV debut, followed Vicki, Kelly and Amanda as they worked with recently mustered wild Kaimanawa horses, taking them on a journey to domestication. The sisters' dynamic blend of gritty determination, emotional honesty and laugh-out-loud humour captured the attention of many New Zealand viewers in 2015.

Keeping up with the Kaimanawas was the first or second most watched evening show across all channels for the entire eight-part series. It remained in TV One’s Top 5 most watched shows for the entire series, was watched by more than 450,000 viewers each week - and the top response from thousands of fans every week was: “It wasn’t long enough!”


What our viewers say

“Our family just love your programme. Both boys, 12 & 5, and of course my 10- & 8-year old girls who think you guys rock! They talk about you by name as if they know you. You girls are great role models.”
“Really enjoy this as it is real people doing real-life challenges. Keep going girls - you inspire young people to not give up so easy, when the times get tough the tough keep going!”
“Half hour is not long enough for this programme and I sure do hope another series will be following cos it’s amazing what you all do!!!”
“I’m not a horse person but I have loved the whole series.”
“Tonight’s episode was AWESOME! I loved it when Argo sat down, I welled up! The show needs to be longer! You are all such amazing role models for all the young girls out there. Keep up the great work ladies - you are awesome!”
“Oh, don’t want it to end. Best show on TV. BUT not long enough.”
“Enjoying this series sooo much. 30 minutes of laughs, tears and anxiety - and that’s just the way it makes me feel... Kelly, thanks for sharing your tears and being real.”
“That was AWESOME! Even my Dad enjoyed it and he’s hard to impress!”