Super Horses

Showtym Cadet MVNZ
Chestnut gelding, 165cm, DOB 2005. Sire: Orame; Dam: Charming Princess

Originally, Cadet was deemed dangerous and unrideable by many of New Zealand's top trainers. But under Vicki’s gentle guidance he went on to become one of New Zealand's most successful competitors, showing fantastic scope, technique and talent. He won and placed in many Grand Prix, World Cup and Speed classes and was consistently in the winners' circle. Cadet's career highlights include winning the coveted Premier Stakes Grand Prix at the Horse of the Year Show in 2014, and Vicki's first World Cup title at the Taupo Christmas Classic that same year.

Showtym Viking
Pinto gelding, 148cm, DOB 2004. Sire: Salute The Stars; Dam: Holly

Viking first came to the Wilson sisters' property for schooling in 2009. Although only 6 years old and very inexperienced, he showed talent when Vicki first taught him to jump and she convinced Amanda that this was the pony that would make all her dreams come true. Amanda purchased him, and just eight week after he was taught to jump they competed in their first Grand Prix class. Viking quickly became her horse of a lifetime, winning several Grand Prix classes in their first season, including the prestigious National Pony Grand Prix and Show Jumping Pony of the Year titles. When Amanda turned 17 and became unable to compete ponies, she upgraded Viking to a horse as he was just too special to part with. He went on to win the 7-Year-Old Horse of the Year title and many horse Grand Prix titles, and competed in Super League and World Cup classes (the highest level of competition) - unprecedented feats for a horse of his small stature. After so much success, Amanda made the difficult decision to sell Viking into Denmark in 2014, where another young rider could enjoy his talents.

Showtym Spotlight
Palomino gelding, 148cm, DOB 2003. Sire: Unknown; Dam: Unknown

Spotlight was initially scared and flighty, but quickly grew to trust Vicki, transforming over the years into the ultimate horse. He excels in bridleless work and also assists Vicki in the training of young and wild horses. Spotlight's sensitive nature means that he is exceptionally light and responsive to subtle aids, and has become a master in these fields. He has performed breathtaking displays dressed as Pegasus at all major shows throughout New Zealand, including Horse of the Year, Equidays and Riding with the Stars.

Showtym Cassanova
Pinto gelding, 167.5cm, DOB 2004. Sire: Peti Peti Te Whiti; Dam: Vee

Cassanova was bought by Amanda sight unseen, as a 8-year-old, because Amanda was going through a ‘pinto’ phase. The stud stallion had recently been gelded, and hadn’t been ridden since he was a 4-year-old when he’d been started under saddle for just 10 weeks. When he arrived at the Wilson sisters' property he was re-started under saddle before being taught to jump – something he was a natural at. Cassanova quickly proved himself in the show jumping arena, being highly competitive in the Young Rider series and jumping at Grand Prix level in his first season. Since then, he has consistently won and placed in Grand Prix, Super League and World Cup classes, and at Horse of the Year he placed 5th (2015) and 2nd (2016) in the Olympic Cup, the most prestigious class in New Zealand.

Argo KH
Grey gelding, 160cm, DOB 2011. Sire: Unknown; Dam: Unknown

Argo was mustered from the Kaimanawa Ranges in mid-2014 as a rising 3-year-old, and was assigned to Vicki as her competition mount for the 2014 Kaimanawa Stallion Challenges. He earned himself the nickname 'child prodigy’ because of his gentle nature, intelligence and relaxed mannerisms, and just eight days after the muster he was being ridden. At the first competition, at Equidays, Argo was Reserve Champion overall; he then went on to win the Fan Favourite award and finished 4th overall in the finals at the Horse of the Year – a particularly remarkable accomplishment given that Vicki had dislocated her shoulder off another horse just hours beforehand. Since finishing the Stallion Challenges, Argo has done countless demonstrations around the country, including at Equidays and Riding with the Stars. He has become a once-in-a-lifetime horse for Vicki and will undoubtedly be with her forever.

Ngahiwi Showtym Premier
Brown gelding, 169cm, DOB 2003. Sire: Hold Up Premier; Dam: Violet

Premier is the stable's teddy bear. He came from a difficult background and was misunderstood by numerous trainers before he arrived at the Showtym property. Although still sensitive and unorthodox to ride, he is Mr Reliable of our competition team – consistently winning and placing up to World Cup level. Premier has won nine Grand Prix classes over his career and placed in another 17, an impressive record for an ‘unrideable’ horse.

Ngahiwi Showtym Dancer
Grey mare, 162.5cm, DOB 2002. Sire: Telesun; Dam: Unknown

Purchased from Ngahiwi Stud by Vicki, Kelly later took over the ride on Dancer when she fell in love with the grey mare. Dancer has a heart of gold and together they have competed to 1.30m, with many placings in the Amateur Rider series. Although she consistently wins, Kelly loves her most for her attributes outside of the competition arena: Dancer is super relaxed and reliable on both the farm and beach and Kelly often photographs off her back, making her the perfect ‘tripod’.

Showtym Levado GNZ
Bay gelding, 164.5cm, DOB 2006. Sire: Littorio; Dam: Mazuran JK

Levado was purchased from the South Island as a 5-year-old and has since made a name for himself in the New Zealand show jumping world. He is notoriously unorthodox both in the ring and out, yet is one of the most competitive horses on the circuit. He has won countless age, speed and Grand Prix classes and has a reputation for being highly competitive in jump-offs. However, it is Levado's boldness that makes him so special – in public performances he has jumped over our Kaimanawa, Ranger KH, a car and even people.

Showtym Girl
Chestnut mare, 157.5cm, DOB 1999. Sire: Green Perfume; Dam: Cherish

Showtym Girl was the very first Showtym horse to carry the Showtym prefix and since then hundreds of our horses have since carried this name. Bought off the race track after being deemed too slow and difficult, she never grew out of her wild ways. Although her nature was uniquely unpredictable – both in riding and handling – the mare would jump the moon for Vicki and went on to notch up countless Grand Prix, Speed and High Jump titles. She has jumped 1.82m, bareback, in a puissance, and has won over $40,000 in prize money over her show-jumping career. Showtym Girl is still in our paddocks, having beautiful foals.